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When a family member decides to go on a cross-country trip or adventure, it could be very crucial to know where they are. People sometimes get lost or hurt while hiking in the wilderness. With the help of a GPS tracker , you could find them faster and ensure that their trip is safer and more enjoyable. Many elderly people want to be self-sufficient.

Unfortunately, the older we get, the more apt we are to get hurt or lost. According to alz. This means that many elderly people may forget where they are or what they are doing. With GPS trackers, you can make sure you know where they are in case of an emergency. This will help keep your loved ones safe while allowing them to continue being independent. The winter is a dangerous time for driving, especially for beginner drivers, such as teens. As a parent, you may worry a lot when they leave to get places in the winter.

Many times, you ask them to always update you on whether they got to where they were going. You can just check the GPS and verify that they made it to their destination. You may not think that your car will get stolen, or if car theft is even that prevalent…but according to the Insurance Information Institute :. These numbers are quite outstanding. To help reduce your chances of getting your car stolen — look into getting a GPS car tracker. The tracking device can help you recover your stolen vehicle.

You never have to wonder what time your spouse is coming home from work again.


With GPS, you can just check where they are and plan respectively. This can help with time management allowing you to make the most of your day. As stated before, there are thousands of ways you can take advantage of GPS. Family safety is at the very top of that list. It is always worth keeping the ones we care and love safe. For more information on how Mapon solutions and GPS tracking can help your family improve its safety:. Get in touch with us here or email us at info mapon.


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How to Build Your Own GPS Vehicle Tracking System?

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Mapon Lite. For this reason, I use Trakimo devices whenever I fly for peace of mind that, anytime a fault occurs, I can locate my craft. Thanks for all the incredible work you do, and the incredible gadgets you get out of Trakimo! I loved how easy it was to install - it's a simple tracker that's small enough to fit most drones.

Vehicle tracking system - Wikipedia

But what is also incredibly convenient about this tracker is that it does not need to be used just for drones. I can easily transfer it from my bike to my drone.

I love this little Trackimo. I love that it's 3G with WiFi. I love the size of it, the weight of it, and it feels good in the hand. It's great for drones, for pets, and pretty much anything. You can hide it very easily. I love that it has a little beeping sound. I recently lost a GPS tracker here in the studio and I was not able to find it because it did not have this feature available.

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It's a great feature to have, so I give this a two thumbs up. Your information is always confidential. We will never spam or share your info. Custom Integration. Custom Integration Protect your expensive field equipment and get a real-time two-way data link. Trackimo family Tracker. Trackimo family Tracker Watch your loved one from afar. Pets , kids or grandparents can get in trouble or get lost.

Trackimo White Label. Trackimo White Label White label Trackimo and resell it to your end users. Never Lose Your Drone or Quadcopter Drones are great for overhead photography and video capture, but because of their size it is easy to lose them. Powerful Features. What People Are Saying. Max Seigal Seagull Aerial As a drone pilot who travels the world looking for more remote and beautiful places to photograph, it is imperative to retrieve my equipment every time I leave. Sally French The Drone Girl I loved how easy it was to install - it's a simple tracker that's small enough to fit most drones.

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