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To get a good price, look for laminate flooring that is less than 8mm thick. One of the best things about laminate is that it is very low maintenance. However, if you use a cheap laminate in a high traffic area, it will wear out faster than other materials. And even though it looks like hardwood, it sounds hollow to walk on. And when you touch it, it feels fake. If you are really set on installing a hardwood floor but need a super cheap product, go with builder-grade hardwood.

Depending on where you buy it, it is also called utility-grade or rustic hardwood. This type of wood flooring is not finished, so be sure to factor in the price of finishing it into your budget.

You will probably not be able to use every piece that comes in your bundle. Some will be broken or split, and some will have knot holes that you could stick your finger through to the other side. So even the tightest of budgets can afford them. Once installed, they are easy to maintain and keep clean.

And they are good for anyone suffering from allergies because dust and other particles cannot penetrate their surface. Even at the lower price points, you have many choices in color and style. Go with a glazed option to avoid the extra cost of sealing and protecting your tiles. Ceramic tile is inexpensive and durable , but it is also hard and cold. If you are considering it in a room that you will stand in often, keep this in mind.

And while you may save on the square footage price, you will have to spend a little extra for installation. Ceramic tiles are a difficult DIY project.

Cheap flooring can save you tons of money. And if done right, will give your home a high-end look at a fraction of the cost. Cheap flooring can look like its more expensive counterparts if it is installed correctly. So, if you are doing the job yourself, factor in the cost of the proper tools and other materials such as underlayment and trim to your overall budget. Or hire a professional to install it for you, especially the flooring that is more difficult to install.

Of these cheap flooring options, the ones most suitable for a DIY project are luxury vinyl planks , luxury vinyl tile, and laminate flooring. They snap and lock together and can be placed on top of any type of subfloor. Hardwood flooring and ceramic tile are better left to the pros.

They require more tools and are more labor intensive to do. As with any type of flooring, some of these cheap flooring ideas are not suitable for every room in the house.

Vinyl Flooring, LVT Vinyl Plank Floors and Sheet Vinyl | Mohawk Flooring

Builder-grade, or any other grade of solid hardwood , is not recommended for rooms with high humidity and moisture. You may want to avoid sheet vinyl flooring in the kitchen or anywhere else that is at risk for catching fire since it releases toxic chemicals into the air when it is burned. They are easy to walk on and since they resemble wood and natural stone, they look good in any setting. Laminate also looks good in any room; however, it does have a few limitations.

Especially cheap laminate. Since the inexpensive laminate is thin, it can wear down easily in high traffic areas. And if you install it in a bathroom, it is best to lay a moisture barrier between the planks and the subfloor. Ceramic tiles are highly durable and easy to maintain. From this standpoint, they can work in any room.

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But they are hard and cold. So, if you are thinking about installing ceramic tiles in your bedroom, you may also want to invest in a large rug. So, if there is enough of what you are looking for to cover your floor, this can be a great deal.

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BuildDirect offers many of these flooring options at extremely cheap prices, but you must order a minimum amount to get the best deal. Lumber Liquidators is a great place to find cheap laminate and builder-grade solid hardwood. When you need new flooring in your home, but your budget is tight, there are still plenty of options.

And though you may not get exactly what you dreamed of, if you are willing to make a few compromises, you can get pretty close. If you like the look of hardwood flooring, go with realistic looking luxury vinyl planks, laminate or a sheet vinyl that resembles wood.

Easier to install than sheet vinyl

Or you can even get the real thing by choosing builder-grade solid hardwood. For a nice, stone look, choose ceramic tiles, luxury vinyl tile, or sheet vinyl that resembles it. Whatever option you choose, it will add a fresh, new look to your home that you can enjoy for years to come. This article is hilarious. It can withstand high amounts of foot traffic and is scratch- and dent-resistant. Luxury vinyl flooring also reduces noise.

This makes it an ideal flooring for homes with pets or children. A vinyl floor is comfortable underfoot, and also easy to maintain. It can be installed as a simple DIY project, even though it requires a smooth surface underneath. It just takes a little prep work to make it easy.

10 Reasons Vinyl Tile & Planks Are The Best Bathroom Flooring Options

Vinyl flooring is flexible product which means you will need to prepare the underlying subfloor to ensure a smooth installation. Modern vinyl flooring looks good in a multitude of home styles or commercial spaces. A vinyl floor can be waterproof, look like wood, or resemble tile. There are a variety of colors and styles to choose from suiting a wide range of tastes.

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