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  1. EIN Lookup: How to Find Your Business Tax ID Number
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Text Search Advanced. However, tax return preparers have differing levels of skills, education and expertise. This searchable directory is intended to help you with your choice by providing a listing of preparers in your area who currently hold professional credentials recognized by the IRS or who hold an Annual Filing Season Program Record of Completion. Understanding Tax Return Preparer Credentials and Qualifications can help you learn more about the different types of tax professionals.

EIN Lookup: How to Find Your Business Tax ID Number

For more guidance on making this important choice, see Need someone to prepare your tax return? It may take up to four weeks after the IRS receives an update for a tax return preparer's information to be added or revised in the directory.

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Search for Tax Return Preparers Use this tool to research tax return preparers near you or to determine the type of credentials or qualifications held by a specific tax professional. All tax return preparers are not in this directory. Ensure you know and understand the different types of credentials and qualifications.

This really helps us with that number. This really helps us with our vendor classification and sorting tasks. Realsearch elevates itself above others in the information brokerage business by sticking to what it does best - providing diverse, accurate and consistent data at fair prices. Ziad Sakhle , Investigative Management Solutions. We found this service useful and would encourage any Federal agency to review your products to determine if applicable to its needs For a nonprofit company, there are several free databases you can use.

Where Can I Look up a Federal Tax ID?

If, say, the organization registers as a tax-exempt nonprofit with the IRS, you can look up the nonprofit and its EIN on the agency's search engine for tax-exempt groups. Some companies don't have or need an EIN.

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If you or the company in which you're interested is a sole proprietorship with no employees, you don't need an EIN — a Social Security number does the trick. Suppose your company starts out as a sole proprietorship with a couple of employees.

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If you incorporate down the road, you'll have to take out a new EIN. If you lose the new EIN paperwork, unearthing a file with your business's original number won't help you at all. Fraser Sherman has written about every aspect of business: how to start one, how to keep one in the black, the best business structure, the details of financial statements.