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Use wisely. For further information, you can see our Disclaimer Page. Basically this web Apps is "just" asking your browser about its location. Yes, your browser is the one which "provide" Location Information. However, browser shouldn't give such private information to anyone right? Our Web Apps then show it to maps, and find the relevant "Address Name" for thats coordinate.

Basically, your Browser feature -Geolocation-, will try to determine your position using one of these several ways. These list, show the ordered devices about what Geolocation will give your location.

My location map

We don't save any of location data obtained by user. We guarantee to you that your location latitude and longitude are pnly used for these two following : 1 Get the relevant address name using Latitude and Longitude information, a process called Reverse Geocoding. We don't collect and or save any of location related data here. Users may still share their own location by clicking "Share Location" button, which will create special link format where user can share it with their own consent.

And still, we don't save any of gathered location here. We also did not save any of your browsing behaviour or data.

IP Geolocator

However since WorldMapDatabase. In Google Adsense, cookies is used to brought personalized Ads to better target ads related to your interest and behaviour. Google Analytics is used to collect basic visitor data about our Website. Mostly no personal behaviour is used or collected, and Data are anonymized. Mapbox is used to serve maps API to your page.

Instantly Locate Any IP Address

However most of their Policy Pages, are about the member which actually is : me WMD developer and not the end user of the maps which is you. Want to see major improvements to Splunk Community technology and resources? Share your voice through our Pony Poll to help us advocate for what you, the user, need to be successful with Splunk! Yes you can use satellite, hybrid, road map and the standard map in splunk dashboards.

This lookup file has some cooked up data for examples to work. You should actually try iplocation command if you have IP address as part of data. Hope this helps. If not, get the Splunk Dashboard Examples App as stated in previous comment to get Examples and understand how these work. Attachments: Up to 2 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of Answers Answers and Comments. Is it possible to change the size of a Geostats map? How to create a real-time map of attacks by Source IP? How to disable location clustering of results on a map generated by the geostats command in Splunk 6.