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They may be individuals who need access to UTSA services such as the UTSA Card Office or parking privileges and access to resources such as laboratories, keys, and regular use of computers. Student applicants graduate and undergraduate applying to a position requiring student status, UTSA may rely on a CBC performed at the institution within the past sixty months as long as:. The student has maintained continuous enrollment during the long semesters Fall and Spring.

The student is in a student position with the same criminal background check requirements. The student is required to report any charges or convictions, including current or upcoming registry as a sex offender, excluding misdemeanor offenses punishable only by a fine in compliance with UTS CBC Exemption. Career progression or Reclassification within a job family occurring within the current department e.

Involuntary Transfers or Reclassifications unless a CBC is deemed necessary by the supervisor or department head based on the circumstances. Assignment changes solely due to funding e. Reassignments within the same department and same title with a break in service of four 4 months or less. Students in Programs with Assignments to HealthCare Facilities or Involving Patient Care Students in an educational program that includes assignment to a clinical health care facility or whose assignment may require work with patients must submit to and satisfactorily complete a CBC.

Exception: No authorization is required if the DPS public site is used. To the extent such laws impose CBCs that are more extensive UTSA may rely on compliance with the statute to satisfy the requirements of this policy.

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A criminal background check conducted by a federal government agency may be used to satisfy the requirements of this policy for an individual on assignment from a federal agency, if UTSA receives documentation from the federal agency showing that the federal agency has conducted a background check, including a criminal background check with a sex offender registration in compliance with UTS Except as provided in 5 below, an individual with a criminal record will not automatically be disqualified from employment, promotion or appointment.

When a report is received that indicates an Applicant or current employee has a criminal record that may affect the employment or service decision, the individual will be notified of this prior to the hiring decision They will be notified of their right to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the report. If the individual indicates the information in the report is incorrect or incomplete, the individual will be afforded the opportunity to present documentation to the UTSAPD that supports their dispute of the report.

This documentation must be received within 3 business days. If the individual cannot provide documentation to dispute the report, or has to begin the process to correct a report, the decision will be finalized based on the information found in the report and the information provided by the individual. Hiring decisions will not be delayed by any processes used to correct a CBC report. If the candidate indicates the record is correct, the review of the report will be finalized. UTSA will not hire, continue to employ, appoint or assign an individual if information is obtained that the individual has been convicted or placed on deferred adjudication for an offense that would require:.

Current Employees staff as internal Applicants or those who have a Reclassification may respond as follows: i. The standard grievance procedures will be used to challenge the employment decisions made based on the CBC refer to HOP policy 3. If the CBC leads to a termination decision, a classified employee may appeal using the process outlined in HOP policy 3. Administrative and Professional employees are not covered by HOP policy 3. This means if you had something expunged that it will not show up. However when you apply to a public school they ask you on their forms if you have ever been arrested and if so what are the details of the arrest.

Even if you expunge it they will find out about it when they run a CCH and view you as being dishonest by not telling them upfront. When you sign the background check forms your giving them consent to run a CCH complete criminal history and view ALL of your records.

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  6. Criminal Background Check of Applicants.

This will allow them to see everything from a arrest even if charges were dropped, juvenile records, and anything that was deferred or "expunged". Allot of it is going to depend on the time since his arrest and what was "nature" of the drug offense. The fact that he teaches science, math and is bilingual is a big plus. I agree that allot of people make mistakes and that it shouldn't cost them for the rest of their life. I saw this allot when I was a correctional officer before I was a police officer.

I remember we had one guy in his 40s in for 6 months on cocaine possession that had been a college math professor. He had a PHD in mathematics and was an unbelievable teacher. He made the mistake of trying cocaine once at party with some other professors and got hooked. He got arrested for possession and none of the schools would risk employing him. He was the reason I was able to pass college math I worked the night shift and went to college during the day not much time for sleep.

He would sit there at night and walk me though my math and explain things far more clearly than any of my professors. This means that if a principal gives him a second chance and hires him knowing about the drug conviction and down the road there is a issue with him drug related or not, the parents are going to be out for blood and the principal or administrator's job and career will seriously harmed if not totally ruined. And with the amount of risk involved can you really blame them for not wanting to taking a chance on someone ruing their career when there are so many other qualified teachers with no criminal history for them to choose from.

But as I said it depends on allot of factors, time since arrest, nature of the arrest, how many years he has been a teacher, can he get letters of recommendation from his past employer and peers? It is difficult to talk about specifics with him because it is a sore subject obviously. I am in the medical field myself and know of the high failure rate.

But I completely disagree with the notion he is forever "unfit" to teach. I've had terrible teachers with likely very clean pasts. I wish there were just some system where he would be randomly or regularly drug tested to continually prove he is clean and fit to teach. In my opinion it is crazy we allow former illegal drug abusers become president Obama, Bush, Clinton but won't allow them to teach.

Have you heard of anything about "certificate of disability" being issued or given which DOES cover up this history from both the public and private sector? Any suggestions on if he can't teach - what he can do with a teaching degree? Sure, we all make mistakes in our lives. It all comes down to the least risk for the school.

Fingerprinting - Human Talent - Tomball Independent School District

Sadly, with the way people are these days they would be quick to hang the principal and your boyfriend if there was ever a problem say, a parent didn't agree with a grade he gave and this game out too. That is the only way to know for sure. He should be honest on his applicantion and understand what that institution's position is on hiring him. I have a Class A misdemeanor assault bodily injury charge that I was convicted of But it was 6 years ago Do you think that this will effect me getting this job It costs money but a lot cheaper then chosing a career path you will not be able to work in.

I called TEA and was told that my certification was still good due to deferred adjudication and no report made from school district. The problem is that all school districts' policies contain zero tolerance for drug related offenses.

What Kind of Background Checks Do I Need to Work in a School?

The only way to be hired for public school positions would be a hearing with school board where your boyfriend will have people who will recommend him and request an exception. This would include past parents, teachers you've worked with, and past administrators making recommendations and requesting an exemption.

He might try private schools or if he has master's or doctorates' degree he could teach adults at community college, etc.

Texas Criminal Background Check

Also he could teach GED courses. They may be more likely allow you teach since students are adults. I hope this info helps. I agree with you that zero tolerance doesn't allow for time passed and the fact your boyfriend was legally never convicted meaning someone who is talented and has a passion for teaching can't! What a shame! My incident happened 12 years ago. I only had 1 year probation and no fine or any other actions. I was awarded teacher of the year for my school and second place for the district. I can relate to you and your boyfriend. Best wishes!

I would speak with HR administrator. State Teachers' Board of Certification will most likely perform an investigation and reprimand you with written or unwritten reprimand on your certificate. They may restrict you from any new certifications for a period of time. The good news is that you should still. Be able to teach. Check the school district's policy since assault charges may say differently. I feel fairly confident there will be a teaching position for you. You can contact the State Teachers' Board of Certification now and inquire early.


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